Rock Exotica ENFORCER Load Cell

Rock Exotica ENFORCER Load Cell

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Rock Exotica ENFORCER Load Cell

Measuring force up to 20 kN, the Enforcer Load Cell is compact and its portable design facilitates "in-line" use in rigging systems. There are two sample modes the Enfocer uses, one is that it is able to monitor systems and the second thing it does is log drop test in high resolution. Separating its self into its own class, the Enforcer uses unique features like bluetooth connectivity and swivel attachment points.

Note: Not for use with steel cables or wire rope.

Note: For the Enforcer app (Click Here)

Rock Exotica ENFORCER Load Cell Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Compact and portable design facilitates "in-line" use in rigging systems
  • Swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces
  • Two sample modes: "Slow" for monitoring and "Fast" for drop-testing
  • Monitor forces wirelessly on your iPhone with built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Record and download graphs of events (Enforcer app required. Sold separately)
  • Measures force in kg, lbf and kN
  • Max Reading: 4,496.17 lbf. (20 kN)
  • Accuracy: +\-2%
  • Strength: 8,093 lbf. (36 kN)
  • WLL: 809 lbs. (366 kg)
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Manufactor Part Number: LC1


  • Length: 8" in. (203.2 mm)
  • Width: 2.1" in. (53.34 mm)
  • Height: 1.5" in. (38.1 mm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz. (119 g)

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