RNR Elite Series NFPA Single Prusik Minding Pulley - 2"

RNR Elite Series NFPA Single Prusik Minding Pulley - 2"

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New Poseidon Elite NFPA Prusik Minding Pulleys! RNR and Omega Pacific have teamed up to raise the standard for quality, professional grade equipment at an affordable price. Why overpay for professional grade gear or settle for lesser, more affordable options when you can have a premium pulley at a price that doesn’t break the bank? You deserve the best without paying hyper inflated retail prices! The Elite PMP’s are sure to be the premier work horse in your system haul after haul.

  • High efficient sealed ball bearings to deliver smooth, powerful hauls.
  • Thin profile design greatly reduces unwanted snagging or catching in a moving rope system.
  • Large attachment point to support multiple connections and to allow most carabiners locking mechanism to pass through.
  • The wide base effectively minds progress capture.
  • Machined from durable, light weight aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Aluminum
  • Rope Compatibility: 1/2" in (13 mm)
  • Strength: 8,093 lbf. (36 kN)
  • Color: Red
  • NFPA1983 (2017 ED)


  • Length: 3.3" in. (83.82 mm)
  • Width: 1.3" in. (33.02 mm)
  • Hight: 4.4" in. (111.76 mm)
  • Weight: 7.8 oz. (221.13 g)

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