Post Mortem BioVu Body Bag - Heavy Duty (Adult)

Post Mortem BioVu Body Bag - Heavy Duty (Adult)

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Post Mortem BioVu Body Bag - Heavy Duty (Adult)

This USA made post mortem BioVu body bag - heavy duty features solid construction that retains all body fluids without leaking. Unique optically clear interior vinyl panel allows viewing the remains contained in the bag with minimal exposure risk to personnel. Strong zippers that are rust resistant keep zippers lasting long. Suitable for use in Ebola and other infectious disease scenarios. 

Note: Each BioVu pouch is provided with a 9 x 12″ clear pouch for documents sealed to the outside or inside of the outer panel.

BioVu Body Bag Features:

  • Size: Adult
  • Color: Black 
  • Type: Envelope Opening
  • 8 Built in padded handles
  • Electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA Reg. 3130
  • 18 mil vinyl - Pouch is constructed with scrim supported, impervious and abrasion resistant vinyl
  • Highly resistant to zipper tear-out without use of reinforcement tape.
  • Rust Resistant # 8 Padlock Style Zipper
  • Dual zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag
  • Useful shelf life of 8-10 years
  • Adult Envelope Zipper CF Pouch36" x 94" (91.44 x 238.76 cm) 10 mil
  • Maximum Weight: 800 lbs
  • Can be lifted via helicopter 
  • Sold: Individually
  • Packaged: 6/Box

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