Portex Cricothyroidotomy Kit - PCK

Portex Cricothyroidotomy Kit - PCK

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Portex Cricothyroidotomy Kit - PCK

The Portex Cricothyroidotomy Kit (PCK) incorporates a varess needle design that confirms entry into the trachea and indicates any subsequent contact with the posterior tracheal wall. The 6mm bore Cricothyroidotomy tube enables spontaneous assisted breathing and the Portex Soft Seal® cuff secures the airway. The kit has been developed to meet emergency requirements the device is pre-assembled and its packaging compact and robust - ideal for inclusion in 'trauma bags'.

Portex Cricothyroidotomy Kit - PCK Features:

  • Robust and compact packaging - tested to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Components presented in 'ready' state and in sequence of use
  • Ideal for inclusion in trauma bags
  • Supplied in sterile outer bag

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