Physio Control LifePak Express AED - Semi. Automatic

Physio Control LifePak Express AED - Semi. Automatic

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Physio-Control LIFEPAK Express defibrillator is one of the only AEDs on the market that you dont have to worry about replacing your battery. Internal battery with an 8 year shelf life maintains optimal performance with the charge pack thats included with the pads. Physio Control combines best-in-class technology with the simplicity and portability required for use by the general public in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. It puts the advantages and advanced technology emergency medical professionals have come to trust and rely on squarely in the hands of anyone ready to save a life in the event of an SCA emergency.


  • New
  • Semi. Automatic
  • Turn on the device by opening the lid
  • ClearVoice™ technology walks you through it step by step
  • No battery to replace - internal battery with 8 year shelf life
  • Pads come with a charge pak to charge internal battery and keep it at optimal performance
  • Electrode pad connectors compatible with all Physio-Control LIFEPAK units
  • Electrode pads can be unplugged from CR Express and plugged into LIFEPAK units used by EMS
  • Electrode pads also transmit ECG data when used on EMS units
  • Saves time when transferring patient from rescue scene to hospital for advanced care
  • 5 Year limited warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair QUIK-PAK Pacing/Defibrillation/ECG Electrodes with REDI-PAK Pre-connect System
  • 1 Quick Reference Instruction Card installed in device
  • Reference Manual CD
  • Physician's Prescription (Required by FDA)
  • 5-year Warranty

Dimensions: (With CHARGE PAK and pads)

  • Length: 9.5" in.
  • Width: 8" in.
  • Height: 4.2" in. 
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs

Alternate Part Numbers:

  • 80427-000134, 80427-000135, 80427-000134 with Extras, 80427-000135 with Extras

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