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PediPro Pediatric System - Roll Out

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  • PediPro Replacement Pads

PediPro Pediatric System - Roll Out

Like Broselow Pediatric Resuscitation System the Pedi-PRO Pediatric Emergency System is much better & better priced. The Pedi-PRO Roll Out Pediatric ALS Combo system is like the Broselow Pediatric Tape Resuscitation Emergency System but tons cheaper! Offers emergency professionals the combined benefits of a lightweight, portable CPR platform and an integrated equipment organizer. In an emergency situation quick response is crucial, the Pedi-PRO deploys fast, providing CPR support for the patient and immediate “Hands-On” access to vital equipment and supplies. Having both the patient and equipment together in the treatment field is the optimal combination when providing immediate medical care. A must have for all emergency professionals.

The compact and portable Pedi-PRO greatly reduces the time required to locate equipment and supplies, improving quality of care for better outcomes. This innovative new kit is the latest advance in emergency preparedness for ambulance unit readiness. 

Note: Items pictured not included

Pediatric System Features:

  • More storage than the Z-fold version
  • Patient & Equipment together in treatment field
  • Integral CPR Platform
  • Anatomically-arrayed equipment & supplies
  • High visibility compartments
  • User filled and customizable
  • Reusable/Disposable/Recyclable
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Comes with carry/storage bag


  • 12 Storage compartments with clear lids.
  • 8 Endotracheal tube sleeves
  • 4 Airway tool bins
  • 2 Mesh pouches
  • Replaceable patient pad
  • Patient & equipment together in treatment field 
  • Dimensions: Deployed - 2.5" x 52" x 20" Storage size - 16" diameter x 20"
  • Weight: 10 lbs

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