Morrison HeadVise II Head Immobilizer

Morrison HeadVise II Head Immobilizer

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Morrison HeadVise II Head Immobilizer

The Head Vise II is a disposable CID constructed of sturdy, moisture resistant cardboard. Unit includes comfortable head pad and quickly attaches to backboard with EZ peel tabs. X-ray translucent and stores flat for storage. Secure patients head with tape, (not included).  Features of the Improved Head Vise II include: a writable surface for easy identification, x-ray translucent, stores flat to fit in compact spaces, and it is disposable. The Improved Head Vise II features a quick and sturdy application with easy to use highly visible red pull tabs. The Improved Head Vise II fits virtually all patients and has an adjustable feature to fit both children and adults. 5"x15". Also available with all weather disposable head & chin straps.

HeadVise II Head Immobilizer Features: 

  • Adjustable to fit children and adults
  • Easy to use and quick application
  • Size (5" x 15")
  • X-Ray translucent
  • Disposable
  • Box Size: 50/box
  • Sold: Individually or 50/box

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