GEN2 Ruth Lee Surf Rescue Training Manikin

GEN2 Ruth Lee Surf Rescue Training Manikin

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Ruth Lee Surf Rescue Training Manikin

This dummy was developed with the co-operation of Surf Life Saving Australia as a water rescue dummy for IRB Racing, IRB driver training & Tube Rescue practice. After two years of development, several prototypes and extensive testing they were delighted with the result. During the testing, the dummy was also found to be suitable for Jet Ski rescue training and other general rescues scenarios.

For IRB driver training you can now train year-round, in the roughest surf, close to the reef and in the coldest weather to practice those fast pickups as many times as you like. This dummy never complains about the cold water, the aching arms and the sore shoulder or jaw from when the rescuer slightly misjudged the pickup! These manikins will provide uniformity in the size and weight of casualties being rescued, an important factor in competitions.

Ruth Lee Surf Rescue Training Manikin Features:

  • Shortened to 4' 11" to be more manageable for a range of rescuers.
  • Dry weight reduced to 44 lbs, which increases to about 88+ lbs when pulled from the water.
  • Weighting lowered from the torso to the hips to improve stability in a moving sea.  
  • Boots removed and replaced with durable PVC sleeves on the lower leg to reduce drag during extraction.
  • Arms are built aloft to simulate a volunteer 'patient' - no dislocated shoulders or wrists!
  • A polypropylene loop to the back allows the manikin to be lowered into position or hung up to dry.
  • Bright orange overalls and SOLAS reflective tape on the head make the manikins very conspicuous in open water.
  • Polyethylene strips running from the shoulders to the knees allow flexibility in and out of the water but prevent the manikin from being too 'floppy'.
  • Protective overalls are user replaceable and greatly extend the life of the manikin


  • Height: 4' 11"
  • Weight: Dry - 44 lbs (20 kg) / Wet - 88 lbs (40 kg)

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