FR Rescue Sling w/ Belt Pouch

FR Rescue Sling w/ Belt Pouch

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FR Rescue Sling w/ Belt Pouch

Constructed of heat resistant webbing featuring Kevlar brand fibers, the FireFighters RIT Rescue Sling and its heat resistant pouch is designed to fit all waist belts to keep the sling available at all times. To deploy this 7' ft. sling simply grasp the hand loops and pull out the sling. Hand loops are contoured to be held open by an internal stiffener and allows easy use when grasped by structural firefighting gloves. Sling can be linked together to help with large area searches and can be used for RIT (Rapid Intervention Team), search, and utility.

FR Rescue Sling w/ Belt Pouch Features:

  • Heat Resistant Webbing
  • Heat Resistant Pouch
  • Kevlar Brand Fibers
  • Fits All Waist Belts
  • Handles Have An Internal Stiffener


  • Length: 7' ft.
  • Weight: 7.2 oz.

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