Flat Webbing - 2"

Flat Webbing - 2"

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Flat Webbing - 2"

RescueTECH Two inch Tubular Webbing is specially designed for the demands of rescue. The Rescue-Spec tubular webbing exceeds the strength specifications of normal mil-spec webbing. Additionally, it will outwear any comparably sized tubular webbing. RescueTECH tubular webbing is produced using a custom designed locking stitch that outperforms spiral (shuttle) loom webbing. The lock stitch ensures that the webbing will not unravel - even less than spiral loom webbing.

Note: For custom length select "Per Foot" and add the desired length as your quantity.

Flat Webbing - 2" Features:

  • 2" in. Tubular Webbing
  • Strength: 6,800 lbf. (30.25 kN)
  • WLL: 680 lbs. (308.44 kg)
  • Color: Black, Red


  • Length: Per foot or 150' foot spool 
  • Width: 2" in.
  • Weight: 150' ft. spool - 7.75 lbs

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