Eye Slings

Eye Slings

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As a component of a fall arrest system, the Eye Slings are colored according to the length of each sling. The outer hollow webbing protects the inner red load bearing strap, if the outer webbing is damaged the user is to immediately advised on danger and hazard connection. When the outer webbing is damage, the sling can still hold 4,945 lbs. (Recommended putting the damage Eye Sling out of use at once). Tested according to EN 354 standard for lanyards and according to EN 795B standard for anchor devices.


  • Black webbing with inner red for cut indicator
  • Strength: 6,745 lbf. (30 kN)
  • WLL: 674 lbs. (305 kg)
  • Color: Blue, Red, White


  • Length Available: 32" in., 48" in., 60" in.
  • Width: .78" in. (20 mm)

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