Egress RIT Rescue Kit - FR/Snap - 70'

Egress RIT Rescue Kit - FR/Snap - 70'

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Egress RIT Rescue Kit - FR/Snap - 70'

Using an escape descender to accommodated to the users weight, the Egress-FR/Snap also uses a Technora Sheath rope. The Technora Sheath rope has a higher decomposition temperature of 934 degrees Fahrenheit and has a better flex fatigue for less loss of strength over time. This kit gives superior friction adjustment in a traditional rappel device. 

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Egress RIT Rescue Kit - FR/Snap - 70' Included Items:

  • 1 - 7.5mm EGRESS (Technora Sheath) Personal Escape Rope w/ Sewn Eye
  • 1 - Heat Resistant Pouch
  • 1 - RescueTech Escape Descender
  • 1 - AutoLock Carabiner


  • Rope length: 70' ft.

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