Confined Space Rescue - George Browne

Confined Space Rescue - George Browne

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Confined Space Rescue - George Browne

Confined Space Rescue by George J. Browne and Gus S. Crist. This basic text details the hazards of confined spaces, describes ways to control those hazards, then presents a simple method of conducting a confined space rescue operation. The text assumes that skill levels and types of equipment available to rescuers may vary, but recognizes that a common thread runs through all emergency confined space operations. The authors, two experienced rescue professionals, identify that thread and use it to build a nine-step model that simplifies confined space rescues and offers standard operating procedures and checklists. The model is applicable to both well-equipped, sophisticated rescue teams as well as those with limited equipment and basic skills. Students and instructors can use the information to examine confined spaces in their community and determine how their skills and equipment would work in potential rescue situations.

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