Basic Probe-N Search Kit

Basic Probe-N Search Kit

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Basic Probe-N Search Kit

Offering a protective search line at an economical price, the basic search kit features a 8.5 mm Nylon Cord which is stored in a durable deployment bag made of Cordura and Ballistic fabrics. Bag closes with a Scotchlite pull tab and has a snap closure. At the end of the cord is a Autolocking Aluminum Snap Hook Carabiner that can be clipped to a rigging point or back onto a search line. The bag can attache to a waist belt, SCBA or rescue harness, or it can be worn on a shoulder with attached strap.

Note: Searchline cord IS NOT NFPA Personal Escape Line and CANNOT be used for personal Escape Rope.

Basic Probe-N Search Kit Included Items:

  • Nylon Drop Bag
  • 8.5 mm Nylon Cord
  • Autolocking Aluminum Snap Hook


  • Rope diameter: 8.5 mm
  • Rope Length: 35', 50', 100' ft.
  • Made of Cordura and Ballistic Fabrics
  • Snap Closure

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