ATX Probe-R Kit

ATX Probe-R Kit

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ATX Probe-R Search Line is complete with glove-compatible Autolocking snap on one end of the 200 ft. of Probe-Reflective rope, and on the other end is a durable swivel snap.

Included Items:

  • Triple Action Snap Hook
  • Probe-Reflective Search Line - 200' ft.
  • Swivel Snap


  • Glove-compatible autolocking snap
  • Durable Cordura Nylon Bag
  • Quick-release Shoulder Strap
  • Daisy Chain Web Loops
  • Colors: Black, Yellow


  • Rope length: 200' ft.
  • Rope diameter: 6 mm
  • Length: 20" in.
  • Width: 12" in.
  • Height: 6" in.

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