ATX Group Search Kit - 4 Person

ATX Group Search Kit - 4 Person

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ATX Group Search Kit - 4 Person

To fulfill large area search needs, use the ATX Group Search Kit. The Kit is set up for a four person RIT team and it provides a means of marking a location and a guideline to the outside. This kit is comprised of 1 Marker Search Rope Kit and includes individual search line kits with fire resistant bags. To mark the distance on the Marker Search Rope, teflon balls are used - no knots to slip or snag. Each individual search kit is equipped with an Autolocking, strength-rated aluminum hook that is fixed to the end of the rope without knots. Webbing loops on the ATX master bag allow search kits to be clipped to it, either it can hang from a belt, SCBA farmer it can be slid onto the waist belt. Individual kits feature a quick-disconnect strap if threaded on the waist belt.

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ATX Group Search Kit - 4 Person Included Items:

  • 1 - Marker Search Rope Kit:
    • 1 - 7.5mm Egress-Hybrid - 200' ft.
    • 1 - Autolocking Snap sewn to each end.
    • 1 - ATX Master Search Pack
  • 3 - Probe Search Line Kits:
    • 3 - Probe Search Line - 35' ft. or 50' ft.
    • 3 - Autolocking Fixed Eye Snap
    • 3 - Heat-Resistant Bag


  • 4 Person Kit
  • ATX Bag made of durable Cordura Nylon fabric
  • Webbing Loops
  • Marker Search Rope Length: 200' ft. (7.5mm Rope Diameter)
  • Probe Search Line Length: 35' ft. or 50' ft. (6 mm Rope Diameter)

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