Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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CareSens N Blood glucose Meter offers a no coding feature for ease of use and delivers fast and accrue test results. CareSens N meter allows for alternate site testing on the fore arm, palm, calf and thigh. CaresSens N gives rapid test results in just 5 seconds and only requires a very small amount of blood.


  • Advanced technology that is easy to operate
  • No coding required
  • Post-meal flagging
  • Alarm (post-meal* and 3 time set alarms) *2 hours after meal
  • Data port
  • 14-day test averaging (total, pre-meal, and post-meal)
  • Beep sound on/off function
  • 250 test results memory
  • Alternative site testing (forearm, palm, calf, thigh) 
  • Expire date on strips is 18+ months
  • Control Solution keeps your machine calibrated and accurate. Only use Caresens Control Solution when calibrating.

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